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Support for relative URL


I suggest to enable relative paths for the ChangeLog and Url values - relative to location of versioninfo.xml, thus it works for any server path.
It can be achieved by adding code like this in GetRegistryLocation
                ChangeLogURL = appCastChangeLog != null ? appCastChangeLog.InnerText : "";
                Uri cl = new Uri(webResponse.ResponseUri, ChangeLogURL);
                if (cl.IsAbsoluteUri)
                    ChangeLogURL = cl.AbsoluteUri;

                XmlNode appCastUrl = item.SelectSingleNode("url");

                DownloadURL = appCastUrl != null ? appCastUrl.InnerText : "";
                Uri dl = new Uri(webResponse.ResponseUri, DownloadURL);
                if (dl.IsAbsoluteUri)
                    DownloadURL = dl.AbsoluteUri;