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Suggestion: Minor Update

Jun 30, 2014 at 1:52 PM
Thanks for this awesome project! It's been helpful for quite sometime for me!
I've been using an old version which I modified to include a 'minor version update'.
Since I live in a place with VERY bad internet, and over 70% of my software users don't even HAVE internet access, we usually send out CD's with updates, or ask them to download the update file (which ends up being quite large (40mb is regarded large for 3rd world countries), which causes delays for users).

So, I modified the XML file and code to check FIRST, for a minor upgrade version e.i., verses a major version which would be 1.1.2.X).
Code works by;
  1. First, checking the minor update URL, comparing the product versions
  2. If first fails, checks Major Version URL (default).
  3. If Minor Update exists, download the Minor Update URL link, and REPLACE the running exe with it, otherwise, is a MAJOR update, and the 'Setup' needs to be executed.
I think others may find such functionality useful, and would be great if you could incorporate it into your library.