No matter who build application but there is always ten percent chance of bugs in application. No application in the world is perfect. So Every developer on the planet requires to update their application once in a while. It is good idea to notify user about updates so they can enjoy bug free, feature rich application without pain of updating them self. AutoUpdater.NET is a library that ease the pain of adding auto update functionality to any .net application. If developer added the auto update functionality with this library then users of the application will see following dialog when application update is available.

This framework contains a lot of features, please check them out:

  • Uses appcasts for release information
  • Displays release news to the user via Internet Explorer Control
  • Displays a detailed progress window to the user
  • AutoUpdater.NET requires one line of code in your app, so it's trivial to upgrade or remove the module
  • Seamless integration—there's no mention of AutoUpdater.NET; your icons and app name are used


Auto update dialog


Remind later dialog

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